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VCMC Strategic Plan – 2025

Victorian Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan 2025 – Interim Report

The interim report outlining the strategic plan for the Victorian Chicken Meat Council 2025 has been released by Gap Dev Corp and can be viewed in its entirety here VCMC-2025-StrategyDocument-Ver1.0.

The report has been funded in a joint venture by the VCMC and the state goverment (VCMC – MEDIA RELEASE 2025 Strategic Vision 21 11 14)  The VCMC expects that the Plan will detail the infrastructure, planning, and investment required to make Victoria a cost competitive State for chicken meat production.

Preliminary research work on the Strategic Plan indicates that production demand in Victoria could increase by 32% over the 10 years to 2025, requiring an additional 42 million chickens to be grown and processed.

For further information regarding the report please contact: Alan Wilson (President of the VCMC) Phone: 5971 6210