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Victoria Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan 2025

Victorian Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan 2025

The VCMC Strategic Plan 2025 for the development of the chicken meat industry in Victoria has been endorsed by the members, and presented to the relevant government departments for response.

The Plan recommends 10 prioritized Actions that need to be implemented by the industry and government in order for Victoria’s chicken meat production to increase by a conservative 3% per annum from 2016.

The Victorian Government Departments of Environment, Land, Water, & Planning; Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources; and Regional Development Victoria, have considered the Plan and have indicated what government actions might be considered by the relevant Ministers.

Principal among these Actions are to: enhance application of the Broiler Code to accommodate Free Range farming, and to seek improvements to the Planning Permits approvals processes. Additional work will be done via a Strategic Agriculture Land project to identify land sites for future intensive animal farms. Proponents, local Councils, and Regional Development Victoria (RDV) will work together to seek infrastructure funds to service new farm development sites.

 The VCMC and RDV will engage with local Councils to provide information regarding the Plan, and what is required to increase chicken meat farm production.

The VCMC ‘Strategic Plan 2025’ has been released on this website, for public information.

For further information regarding the report please contact: Alan Wilson (President of the VCMC) Phone: 5971 6210