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Decline of the Victorian Chicken Meat Industry.

President Alan Wilson was interviewed by ABC Rural reporter James Jooste regarding the decline of the Victorian chicken meat industry and the solutions proposed in the council’s ten year strategic plan. The Victorian Chicken Meat Council says the industry has lost $800 million in potential investment due to contested development laws. Chicken producers want a State Government panel set up to make decisions on broiler developments and remove veto decisions …Read More

Victoria Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan 2025

Victorian Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan 2025 The VCMC Strategic Plan 2025 for the development of the chicken meat industry in Victoria has been endorsed by the members, and presented to the relevant government departments for response. The Plan recommends 10 prioritized Actions that need to be implemented by the industry and government in order for Victoria’s chicken meat production to increase by a conservative 3% per annum from 2016. …Read More

VCMC Strategic Plan – 2025

Victorian Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan 2025 – Interim Report The interim report outlining the strategic plan for the Victorian Chicken Meat Council 2025 has been released by Gap Dev Corp and can be viewed in its entirety here VCMC-2025-StrategyDocument-Ver1.0. The report has been funded in a joint venture by the VCMC and the state goverment (VCMC – MEDIA RELEASE 2025 Strategic Vision 21 11 14)  The VCMC expects that …Read More

VCMC – Strategic Plan Funding

Victorian Chicken Meat Council Strategic Plan Funding Announcement The Victorian Government today announced $25,000 funding support for the VCMC to compile a Strategic Plan for the next 10 year timeframe to 2025.  The President of the VCMC Alan Wilson today thanked the government for its support, and on-going dialogue. The VCMC expects that the Plan will detail the infrastructure, planning, and investment required to make Victoria a cost competitive State …Read More